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Dolphins (2 to 3.5 years old)

Balance, strength and coordination at this age group are greatly increased. In the water, toddlers work towards breath control, buoyancy and arm and leg movements.

Toddlers who start swimming lessons at this age may need some time to adjust to the aquatic environment. They will benefit from experiences that allow them to rely on their parents and to gradually build up the experiences needed for them to become more independent in the water.

Toddlers who already have experiences with lessons will show greater confidence in water. They may probably be able to propel themselves for short distances in the water. A more advanced toddler may be able to lift his head above the water to take a breath.


Dolphins 1 No prior experience needed

  • Kick and paddle for 4 feet underwater

  • Hold on to wall, moves along wall and climbs up independently

  • Performs underwater turns independently

Dolphins 2 Must be able to perform all the skills in Level 1 

  • Swims 2m underwater with strong kicks and pulling arms

  • Back float independently with kick board

  • Performs a sitting dive from high wall

  • Performs underwater turns and swims back to wall and climbs out

  • Retrieves toys from bottom of pool with some help


4 to 12 months old


13 to 24 months old


3.5 to 5 years old


5 to 7 years old

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