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Rays (Stroke development)

At this age, the fine motor skills are developing rapidly and children will be able to combine the various skills to swim the 4 strokes with  good technique. 

We will be working on developing good streamlining and kicking to increase propulsion and the basic strokes will be introduced - freestyle, back stroke, introduction to breast stroke and basic dolphin movement. Specific skills such as treading water, diving and underwater push-offs will also be taught. 

A child who has had swim lessons from baby will be able to swim the 4 strokes with good technique by the time they are 7. 


Rays 1- Completed all the skills in Sharks 3

  • Freestyle arms with side breathing 12m

  • Back float with kicking and changing arms 12m

  • Introduction to breaststroke kick

  • Standing dive

  • Able to swim for 20 meters with front breath

Rays 2- Completed all the skills in Rays 1

  • Freestyle with bilateral breath 25m

  • Back stroke 25m

  • Beginner breast stroke 12m 

  • Introduction to butterfly

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