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Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem 

It was simple - there were no swim schools with an indoor, heated pool that provided swimming classes for babies. 


The Aquabubs story started back in 2005 when Joanne had her first child. Back at a time when Google and YouTube was nothing like it is now. The only resource she could find about baby swimming was a book about baby swimming! Undertaking her own research and applying what she learnt, she started teaching her son and friends' babies in her condo pool. 

Zarina has a love of swimming and was a competitive swimmer in her teens and is a mum of 3 children. She also could not find baby swim classes for her baby and she decided to take up the AUSTSWIM teacher training course, which is where she met Joanne. They realised that they both shared the same dream of one day building their own pool and starting a swim school. 

In 2016 Joanne managed to build a small, heated pool, in a pre-school in Damansara Heights and Aquabubs was born. They started off with only the two of them teaching and it wasn't long before demand for lessons outgrew the small pool and they had to look to expand.


After a year they found their dream space in Bangsar and built a facility that so many parents in Klang Valley and beyond were looking for. A purpose built teaching pool with a child friendly design and a teaching curriculum based on years of experience and research that is child-led, fun and play guided. 

Fast forward to the current year and 2 centres later, surviving a pandemic and inspiring a team of 20 with their vision, it's true that they are on the forefront of the baby swimming movement. But you will never know it, because to them they are just  happy to lead so many children to discover the love of swimming and to be in a business that they are so passionate about. 

That's what dreams are made of. 

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