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Once you have signed up at Aquabubs, your schedule will be added in to our system. You should receive an email detailing how to log in to our Parent Portal and a default password will be given - abcd1234 (Bangsar) child's name 1234 (United Point).


If you have a second or a third child enrolled, you will be messaged with a second and/or third default password. You will be required to use the same email address and logout of the current account and login again using the same email, but different password. We apologise, but the system does not support multiple accounts on the same schedule.


If you need to cancel a class, you can do so via the Parent Portal. This must be within the allowed timeframe for cancellation (minimum) 2 hours before your class. You will receive a confirmation email.


You can book your replacement immediately, via the Parent Portal, or you can book at any other time, when it’s suitable for you to do so. The make-up class must be booked within your package expiry date (which is usually 10 weeks from the date of your first class, sometimes a week longer, if there is a public holiday during your package, or even longer if your package has been on ‘freeze-mode’ due to holidays or sick leave).


You can only book a class 2 weeks in advance.

If you are having trouble with the Parent Portal, you can request for an information sheet to be sent to you - kindly whatsapp admin. OR please call Front Desk, during operating hours (9am to 6pm) and we can assist your cancellation and bookings.

PLEASE NOTE - we do not accept cancellations via Whatsapp, SMS or in the Whatsapp groups. (These messages may often be missed).

When you book your make-up class, which will often be in another timeslot and not your regular, weekly class, you may be on the WAITLIST. Please be aware that you might only get notification that the slot is available - 2 hours before the class, as that is the minimum number of hours required to cancel a class. Please be mindful of the day that you requested to be on the waitlist and be prepared to attend on the day. If you miss your replacement class, it will not be replaced.



1.     Have your email (that you provided us) ready and your default password is abcd1234 (Bangsar), Child's name 1234 (United Point)

2.     Go to and click on ‘Parent Portal’. This will bring up the Timetable

3.     Click on ‘My Account’ which is just above the timetable on the top right

4.     A pop-up box will appear, enter your Username (email) and Password (abcd1234), click ‘Sign In’

5.     Your account will appear, select ‘schedule’

6.     The list of your remaining classes will appear. Cancel the class that you are unable to attend

7.     Close this pop-up box

8.     Go to the table and select the date for the day that you want to attend, the timetable will load and then select the class that you want.

9.     Click on ‘Book’.

10.  You will receive an email confirming your cancellation and one confirming your replacement class.

11.  If you have more than one child enrolled, you will need to logout and login again, using the same email and a different password (default abcd5678) and go though the same steps.

12.  The Parent Portal only allows you to book a class two weeks in advance. If you require dates beyond the 2 weeks, you can speak to our front desk staff to arrange this.

13.  If you make a booking for a class that is already FULL, and you are the next person requesting a space, you will be placed on a waitlist and if the spot becomes available, you will receive an email notifying you.

14.  If the ‘Book’ button is not showing, the class is full and no waitlist available, or it’s out of the 2 week date range and you cannot book yet.

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