Terms & Conditions


1. Our classes are 30 minutes (for Tadpoles - Sharks) or 45 minutes (for Rays) in duration. For our younger swimmers in the Tadpoles, Guppies & Dolphins classes (4 months to 3.5 years) one parent or caregiver will accompany the swimmer in the class. These classes may have up a maximum of 8 swimmers in each class. For our older swimmers in the Sharks and Rays classes (3.5 to 7 years), these swimmers will swim without a parent or caregiver in the water. These classes have a maximum of 4 swimmers (Sharks) & 6 swimmers (Rays) in each class. 2. Our main pool depth is 1.2metres (4 feet). It is a heated, salt water pool. As with all salt water pools, on occasion we will use extra chlorine to help maintain cleanliness. 3. There are ‘Lost & Found’ boxes near the changing room and at reception where all items that have been left behind will be placed (except goggles left behind, as they will be placed with the other goggles and other poolside equipment). We are not liable or responsible for lost items. 4. We are a non-smoking venue, which extends to the outside area and car park. 5. We are a breastfeeding friendly facility, mothers may feed anywhere on our premises. You may prefer to request from our front desk staff a private place to sit, which will be made available. 6. We do encourage water play and positive water experiences, and therefore allow those students coming for their class the opportunity to use the shallow pool either prior to or after their class time. Please be mindful that there are classes taking place, and the equipment that is poolside is not to be taken from the classes. As always, it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/caregiver to be supervising their child(ren) AT ALL TIMES. 7. For those not participating in a lesson (e.g. siblings), a Family Swim Pass must be purchased at reception.


1. All children who are not fully potty trained must wear a swim diaper for the class. Kindly ensure that the leg fittings are snug. If the fitting is not snug, kindly wear a disposable swim diaper underneath the reusable swim diaper. 2. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the pool, children (that are not potty trained) will be unable to participate in the class without a swim diaper. Should you forget to bring a suitable diaper, a reusable diaper (RM20) or a disposable diaper (RM5) are available from the front desk. 3. Everyday diapers are unsuitable for swimming. The diaper will absorb water and swell up, making it very heavy, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous in the water. Please wear a swim diaper and a swimming suit or ‘rashie. As our pools are heated to 32°C, so you do not need to dress your child in a neoprene swimsuit. 4. You will not require any kind of floating device for your child, as we will provide all necessary equipment in the class. 5. For children in the Dolphins and Sharks classes (3.5 - 7 years), goggles may be worn. However please ensure that they are fitted correctly prior to the start of class (if unsure how to correctly fit goggles, please speak with your child’s instructor and they can assist). Children will also be asked to swim at times without the use of goggles, as being comfortable swimming without goggles is an important safety skill. 6. Children with long hair will be required to tie their hair back and wear a swimming band or a swimming cap (applies to both boys and girls). 7. Parents or carers accompanying a child into the pool must wear proper swim attire. No shorts, t-shirts or long pants. We also ask that the parent or carer wears a swimming rashie or a lyra / dri-fit top. This will allow the child to hold on to you easily and also promote their grasp reflex. Please do not wear a cotton t-shirt as the cotton fibres may clog up our filters over time. Parents / carers with long hair will also be required to tie hair up and wear a cap or swim cap if they are submerging. 8. Older swimmers (7 to 12yo), recreational swimmers & adult swimmers will be required to wear swimming cap and proper swimming attire. 9. Swimmers with learning disabilities or special needs will be required to wear proper swimming attire and swimming diapers if necessary.


1. Our fees are RM900 for 10 classes to be completed in 10 weeks. We do not have set terms. Your 10 week "package" starts on the day of your first lesson and runs for 10 weeks. Should a public holiday fall on your usual class day, then your ten-week package will be extended by a week. 2. New students will be charged a registration fee of RM100 (per family). This registration fee will be payable again if a student has been away for 2 or more years. 3. A reminder will be sent 3 classes prior to the end of your current 10-week package informing of the end of the 10 weeks approaching. Confirmation and payment will be required at that time if you wish to continue in the current class once the 10-week package is completed. If your fees are not paid by the due date (noted in the reminder), your place may be given to the next person on the waiting list, or another student may book into your timelsot for a replacement class. 4. Payment can be made by online banking, PayPal (through our website) or credit card / cash at the Bangsar front desk. 5. Your second and third enrolled child will receive a discount of 10% on their package. Siblings need to also be currently enrolled for this discount to be applicable. 6. We reserve the right to change the class schedule at any time we feel is necessary. 7. We reserve the right to cancel a class if there are less than half the number of students attending. For example, if only one student is attending a Sharks or Rays class, it may be cancelled and the student will be asked to move to another timeslot. The same will apply to a baby or infant swim class if the number of students attending is 4 or less. A minimum of 24 hours notice will be given. 8. If a student fails to turn up for a class 2 weeks in a row without cancelling via the parent portal or providing notice to administration, the student may be removed from the class and the slot given to another student on the waiting list. 9. A package may be put on hold - ‘package freeze’ if requested, if the student is going on holiday or has been recommended by a Doctor to refrain from swimming for an extended period of time. A package freeze will be granted for a maximum of 3 months. Failure to return within 3 months will forfeit any remaining classes. 10. If a package freeze request is given, for more than 3 weeks, we cannot guarantee the same timeslot.


1. Once you have paid for your trial class (via cash, credit card, online banking or Paypal) you will be booked in to your session. We require 24 hours notice (the day before your class) to cancel your class and re-book a session if you are unable to attend. If you do not inform us within this timeframe or you do not turn up for your trial, your session will be forfeited and you will be asked to pay again to book in a trial class. Our trial class fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. 2. Please arrive 15 - 20 minutes before your trial class to allow yourself enough time to park, register at reception, change into your swim attire and be ready on deck at least 5 minutes prior to your class. It is the parent’s responsibility to prepare yourself and your child for the class. 3. If you are coming for a trial class and you are late by 10 minutes or more, you will unable to join the class, as this can be disruptive for the teacher and the other students. Unfortunately we will be unable to offer a replacement class and you will be required to pay for another trial class. 3. If your child cries during the trial class or refuses to go into the water with the teacher (this usually applies to Sharks), it is up to the discretion of the teacher and/or the Deck Supervisor whether you will be allowed to attend another trial class (without paying again). You will not be given a refund.


1. If you are not attending your class we require notification as early as possible. Please cancel a lesson either by using the Parent Portal, or by calling the centre's customer service, messages via Whatsapp, SMS or e-mail will NOT be accepted and your class will be FORFEITED. We currently allow for a 2 hour minimum notice. A class that is cancelled after this timeframe will be counted as having been attended. 2. In order to be provided a replacement class, the minimum notification for cancellation is 2 hours prior to your class. A two hour timeframe allows us time to prepare the attendance sheet for our teachers and also allows us to allocate places in classes to another students who may require a replacement class. Notifying us of being unable to attend a class with as much notice as possible is really helpful for our scheduling! Failure to cancel the class within two hours notice will result in you being marked as attended and you will unable to replace the class. 3. If you have cancelled a class more than twelve hours prior, then a replacement class can be booked using the Parent Portal or by contacting the front desk staff. Please note that this class will be at another time to your child’s usual class time. 4. If you miss your replacement class it will not be replaced. 5. Credits or refunds will not be given, unless the circumstances are extenuating. 7. A replacement class during the current package or credit will be given in your next package if the class is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen issues. 8. Any missed classes will not be carried forward to the next package and will be forfeited.


Hygiene 1. Please rinse off under the shower before you enter the pool. 2. If your child has any symptoms or signs of illness (or a sibling or family member) please keep your child out of class until the symptoms have fully cleared and/or your doctor has given the ok. 3. No snacks to be consumed next to the pool area or changing rooms. 4. Parents or carers wading in the baby pool are requested to wash their feet before entering the baby pool. 5. No shoes on deck. Safety 1. Parents and/or carers who accompany their Sharks or Rays child, please supervise your child(ren) at all times. After a class is finished, the teacher will ask all children to go to their parent(s)/caregiver. The teacher can not be responsible for watching your child if they are conducting another session. If a child is allowed to use the shallow pool after a lesson, children should first ask permission from the person who is supervising, again it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/caregiver to supervise your child(ren) at all times once the class has finished. 2. On our very busy days, to minimise the noise and distraction for our young (and some nervous) students, only one parent or caregiver next to the pool area during the class. All additional relatives, parents and students waiting for the next class to wait on the other side of the glass wall/gate or waiting area. 3. Please do not bring any glassware or glass bottles/containers onto the pool deck, as if broken these can be potentially hazardous in and out of the water. Etiquette 1. Kindly ensure that you are punctual for the class. If you need to change, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class, as we have limited changing rooms. 2. If you are coming for a trial class or if this is your first term and you are not familiar with the warm up exercises in a class, and you are late by 10 minutes or more, you will unable to join the class, as this can be disruptive for the teacher and the other students. Unfortunately we will be unable to offer a replacement class. Depending on the circumstances, you may be given a Family Swim session in lieu of the class. 3. Please be considerate and have quick showers as other parents will be waiting to use the showers too. We do not condone the booking of shower stalls or baby change tables by a parent or maid. It is a first-come, first-served basis. 4. Kindly ensure that you clean up after yourself in our changing room area or reception and play area. If you make a mess and require help, please alert our staff immediately for assistance. COMPLAINTS / FEEDBACK We take your feedback and your opinions seriously at Aquabubs. If you have a complaint or feedback to give us, kindly fill in the form at Front Desk and it will be attended to as promptly as possible.


1. Our Flexi-package option is a 10 class package that expires in 6 months and is available for students in the Tadpoles, Guppies 1 & Dolphins 1 categories. (Not advisable for students in Guppies 2, Dolphins 2 & Learn to Swim program). 2. Once you have made payment for your package you will be sent an email with your username and password details and you can login to the parent portal via our website and book your classes. The classes can only be booked 2 weeks in advance on the parent portal. You can also request for the bookings to be made at front desk with one of the staff members. 3. This package is non-refundable and non-transferable and the expiry date cannot be extended.


1. We have a limited number of car park spaces in the area in front of our centre. The parking here is free. 2. Please park your cars with care and consideration for others, park efficiently and neatly, allowing for maximum usage of the car park. Our security guard may ask you to move your car, please follow his directions. 3. Please be aware of young children running out of their cars or out of the venue when parking or leaving our premises. 4. If you have a driver, we ask that he gives parking preference to a parent without a driver. Our security guard or centre manager may ask him to move his car and either wait in the centre of the car park or outside the venue. 5. Your driver may wait in the guard house if he wishes to. If he is waiting inside our centre, please remind him to give seating preference to a parent or student. We prefer that your driver does not sit on the deck. 6. No smoking in the car park area & anywhere in the venue and outside. 7. On weekends and public holidays there is parking in the lot next door. We rent the space and therefore we charge our clients RM2 for parking. This parking lot closes at 5pm. 8. There is also parking on the street (Jalan Liku). This is metered parking and DBKL do patrol the streets regularly. 9. Our reception area is also a cafe and play area. We ask that you treat the space and the equipment with care and respect. If you make a mess, kindly tidy it up or ask one of the staff to alert our cleaner to help with cleaning up. 10. We ask that our staff (security, cleaning, front desk, admin, teachers, cafe staff) are all treated with respect. Any behaviour that is deemed as threatening to our staff or other people and children within our premises will not be tolerated. 11. Any behaviour or action that you feel is not acceptable can be brought up to our centre manager or written down on our feedback form, available at front desk. At Aquabubs we want our students and clients and staff to feel safe and have an enjoyable experience.