Guppies (13 to 24 months old)

The independence and drive to explore at this age group puts these toddlers at risk. Statistics show that this age group has the highest incidence of drowning. In the water, these toddlers show improved coordination and many are able to use their arms and legs for propulsion with assistance. They may be able to tolerate more water on their faces and submersion may become more acceptable. With experience, they are able to hold their breath for up to 10 seconds and can learn how to spit water out from their mouths if necessary. Increased mobility and independence at this age can permit them to paddle short distances from teacher to parents or to the wall.


Goals- Guppies 1

  • Hold breath for 4-5 seconds underwater

  • Kick and paddle and swim 2-3 feet underwater

  • Hold on to wall and more along wall with minimal help

  • Perform back floating with support

Goals- Guppies 2

  • Hold breath for 8-10 seconds underwater

  • Kick and paddle and swim 4-5 feet underwater

  • Hold on to wall and climbs up independently

  • Perform underwater turns without help


4 to 12 months old


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