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Benefits of swimming for infant and toddlers

Benefits of swimming

At Aquabubs, we love providing a new opportunity and experience for your child to learn and develop new skills in an aquatic environment. We believe that being in the swimming pool is a beneficial activity for your child to be able to interact and engage. Learning to swim at a young age is not only vital for safety, but it also promotes their mental and physical health! The infographic below lists out some benefits for your child when it comes to swimming:

Swimming improves cardiovascular health

Learning to breathe in the water helps strengthen the heart, lungs and blood vessels. Children with breathing difficulties are encouraged to take up swimming as it improves lung capacity and aerobic threshold.

Strengthens muscle development

Swimming provides a gentler approach to full body exercise for infants and toddlers simply because water acts as resistance for your child’s movement which in turn helps build muscle strength. Furthermore, having a good “rocket hand” otherwise known as a streamline position requires a child to engage their core and lower back muscles, resulting in a better posture on land.

Boosts appetite

Swimming helps boost the appetites of our children, given the amount of physical movements in the water just to stay afloat and the energy burned playing games results in an increase in appetite after the activity.

Regulates sleeping patterns

Experts have proved that regular exercise is a great way to regulate sleep. Incorporating swimming into your child’s routine doesn’t just improve the quality of their sleep, but also helps regulate their sleeping patterns and a good and restful sleep helps develop their bodies.

Builds cognitive skills

Being in a foreign environment definitely sharpens your child’s senses. Studies show that children who swim regularly have higher visual-motor skills when it comes to activities such as cutting paper, pouring water from a jug etc. All the activities practiced in the pool such as picking up toys and holding on to the wall are aimed to improve your child’s cognitive learning and help build motor skills as well.

Promotes coordination and balance

Swimming, compared to other sports, causes less strain on the joint and connective tissue due to the natural buoyancy while being in the water, activities such as kicking and paddling helps your child improve their strength and flexibility. Furthermore, swimming helps improve coordination and balance out of the pool.


Swimming is more than just a water-based sport—it’s a great and exciting way for your child to get active and improve their overall health. With careful supervision and regular pool sessions any infant or toddler will become stronger, more coordinated and smarter through swimming.

Aquabubs Swim School offers swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and children up to 10 years old in the Klang Valley. Conducted by certified swim teachers we provide a safe, fun and progressive learning experience for you and your child.

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