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When your teacher changes

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

It’s something we hear a lot from our parents: “I only want teacher XXX”, “Why do I need to change timeslot, will I have to change teacher?”, “My child can only swim with this teacher and no one else”. 

It’s normal - you and your child probably have your favourite teacher and you want to stick to the same teacher. But sometimes it’s inevitable that teacher changes occur - a teacher is on sick leave or they are away, your child is ready to move up a level, which may mean moving to another time slot and possibly with a different teacher. 

We know that sometimes this can be challenging for young swimmers and their parents and we try to ease the transition as best we can. Teacher changes and replacements don’t have to be a cause for concern or a source of stress. 

And at Aquabubs, we truly believe that we have some of the best swim teachers in the industry! We understand the importance of connection between a teacher and student and we put a lot of effort in our classes and our methodology to build a bond of trust. When you have a new teacher, it might take a few lessons to develop that again, but our experienced teachers know how to build the relationship. One of our key features is that we maximise on the fun aspect of swimming too. We always want to see your child smile and end the class excited for their next one. 

Our curriculum is standardised for each level and all of our teachers are well trained in this, allowing for consistency across all classes and all levels. So, if your child has a replacement teacher, or needs to attend another class to make up a replacement, they will follow the same lesson plan for their level, even if the teacher is different. 

One of the positives about change is that a new teacher can bring fresh eyes and perspective to the lessons, seeing another way to help your child progress or polish a new skill. Another positive is that it encourages your child to broaden their experience of learning with new teachers and new faces in their class. 

At Aquabubs, we inspire children to reach past their comfort zone, discover new possibilities and become safer, more confident swimmers. 

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