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Swimming Level Progressions

Everyone talks about moving up to the next level. It’s a big deal to the parent and child and an accomplishment to progress through our levels at Aquabubs Swim School, mastering the skills required at each level of our Learn to Swim program which includes techniques, strokes and learning about water safety.

But sometimes, it can be hard to know why your child isn’t moving up or to understand what skill they are stuck on that could be holding them back from moving to the next level. And it can be frustrating to see that your child isn’t making progress as fast as other children – especially when you see friends and classmates move up while your child is still at the same level.

At Aquabubs Swim School, our classes are conducted in small group classes. However, we make sure to meet the needs of each individual swimmer where they’re at in that moment, in that lesson.

We know that if you attend consistently, if you practice and if your child enjoys their swimming lesson, they will progress. We stand by the rule that each child progresses at their own pace. However, here are some things to consider if your child does not seem to be developing:

1. Consistency in coming to classes - a child who comes to class every week will progress faster than a child who always misses classes. Our unlimited replacement class policy allows for the flexibility for booking a make up class if you cannot make it to your regular time slot for the week.

2. Frequency of practice time - swimming once a week is great for a child to master their swimming skills. But as we say practice makes progress! Try to schedule some time outside of swim lessons for your child to practice the skills they learnt in class. If you have no access to a pool, our family swim time everyday from 12-2pm is a great way to get some practice time in!

3. Booster classes - having twice a week classes will give your child a boost to master those strokes! Do take advantage of our 2 classes a week package at lower price.

4. Swim camps - we hold holiday camps during the school holidays. When you have the opportunity, take advantage of the chance to swim everyday for a week, and you’ll see your child’s skills improve.

5.Private classes - for some children, your teacher may recommend a set of private classes to allow some one on one work to focus on a specific skill that they find challenging. We often find that a package of 4 or 8 classes is often what it takes for a skill to ‘click’ in a child.

Remember, every child learns at a different pace. For many children, taking lessons once a week is a slow-build. It might seem that your child is doing the same thing over and over again and that they are not showing any progress but believe us, they are. The repetitive, consistent skills and drills we do in every class, all lead to the bigger picture and one day it all comes together, and no-one will be prouder of your child than you (and us) when this happens.

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