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Group Vs Private Swim Lessons

Many parents of young swimmers inquire about whether their child should have private or group swim lessons. Just like your child, the answer is unique and our recommendation depends on your child’s specific circumstances. However, by considering your child’s goals, you may be better equipped for deciding between group or private swim lessons.

The biggest frustration we often hear from parents talking about their experience of group lessons is that in a group, kids have less attention and are quite often left waiting by the side of the pool for some time before they are given some guidance and are allowed to actually do any swimming. Here at Aquabubs, our teachers are trained to keep the class moving to have maximum practice time and minimum waiting time. Our classes are also kept small with only 3 or 4 students in the beginner Learn to Swim levels. Having said that, in a group, a teacher cannot spend a great deal of time with just one child since that would have an effect on the provision of the lesson for the rest in the group.

So which option should you choose?

Group lessons are the most cost-efficient way for learning to swim and for many children who take pleasure from having fun in the water with other kids. For many children, group lessons can be a great source of socialising with their peers and learning through imitation. Being part of a group is a source of fun and motivation, reduces the risk of boredom and dropping out of swimming.

Private lessons are a great choice for those children or adults who are not confident in the water or may have had a traumatic experience with water and need to be introduced to water slowly. Children who are easily distracted by other kids, need specialised direction or working on a specific goal or in preparation for a holiday would also benefit from private lessons.

If group or private swimming lessons sound like the right choice for your child, do drop us a message to find out more.

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