Enrolling for a class at Aquabubs


You will be asked to register your details for a trial class and let us know if your preference is for a weekday or weekend class.


When a slot becomes available, our customer service person will contact you and offer you a timeslot, either the time you requested, or as close to the one you requested,


We will ask for you to make payment within 24 hours to secure the slot, or it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.


You will be sent information about our Terms & Conditions and a list of things to know and prepare for your first swimming class!


When you come for your first class, we will ask you to sign a waiver form and check if you have the correct swim wear for your class.


Why do we ask you to come for a trial class?

If you are enrolling into our Baby Swim program (4 months to 3.5 years old), it’s a chance for you to see if you and your child are ready for class and enjoy the experience. While we would love for everyone to enjoy the benefits of swimming and we believe that the safety skills that we teach in our swimming classes are very important, sometimes swimming is just not for everyone. Sometimes you may be advised to come back in a couple of months to try again.


Once you have attended your trial class, we will ask if you want to sign up for a package. We have a number of package options at Aquabubs and you will be shown a list to choose from.


If your child is enrolling in our Learn to Swim program (Sharks category), the trial class is our opportunity to assess the current ability of your child and then place them in a suitable group for their level. It may be a different timeslot to the trial class that you come for.


Once you have attended your trial, we will get back to you after having conferred with the teacher about which level is suitable for your child. If you are agreeable to the time, you will be asked to make payment for your package.


After paying for your package and registration fees (one time payment per family), your schedule will be added to our online Parent Portal and you will be sent a welcome email.


You will also be added to a Whatsapp group.


You will be asked to sign a form agreeing with our Terms & Conditions, our cancellation & replacement policies will be highlighted.